The hydrogen pocket bottle, Black

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The hydrogen pocket bottle, Black

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The hydrogen pocket bottle is a handy guy on the go. With it, you can make alkaline, hydrogen- and oxygen-rich water anytime on the go or at home. In addition, Hydrogen Pocket Coat can charge your mobile device and make commercially available bottled water nourishing and energizing.

Easily create highly absorbent hydrogen and alkaline water wherever you travel. Well absorbed water makes you feel better even when traveling.

Hydrogen pocket bottle utilizes the latest ion membrane technology to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in the water, and in a form that is well absorbed by the body.

In three minutes, Hydrogen Pocket Coat produces 800-1,000 ppb ( (parts per million) ) of active hydrogen molecules. Hydrogen pocket rubber produces hydrogen molecules on German Titanium platinum electrode plates that can be used for about 100,000 hours. High-quality Titanium Platinum Electrode Plates are long-lasting, delivering high hydrogen-containing water without ozone.

Hydrogen pocket bottle improves water quality with the following benefits:

Maintaining and keeping your body beauty youthful: activates cells in your body, delays aging, removes harmful substances in cell membranes or blood vessels, prevents body oxidation and free radicals in your body.
Enhances resistance: Enhances resistance by improving cellular activity and prolonged intake of Hydrogen Pocket can potentially reduce disease.
To improve the digestibility of hydrogen Flask supports digestion, intestinal and bowel movement, to remove the toxins excretory organs operation to soften the hardened blood vessels and activates the saliva production.
Strong Osmotic Capacity: Water made with hydrogen pocket ash has a strong osmotic power to purify cellular tissues and blood.
Strengthens the intestines and stomach: improves digestive function, metabolism, maintains the balance of the body’s endocrine system and promotes fat loss.

Hydrogen Flask

filter, purify and balance the pH of the water.
Converts normal tap water to hydrogen-rich and alkaline.
helps to improve overall health.
is made from durable BPA-free and health-safe materials.

Unique multipurpose design: Removable hydrogen ion generator – Not only does it electrolyze the water in the original bottle of the device, but it can also be connected directly to a mineral-corked bottle. That way you can provide water-rich and good water to your friends, family, colleagues and outdoor enthusiasts. The sealed aluminum lid and ventilation in the bottle extend the life of the bottle. Versatile water purification features: Removes residual chlorine and various heavy metal ions, removes hydrogen sulfide and fine particles smaller than 50 µm (one-millionth of a meter or millimeter of a millimeter), reduces mineral accumulation and prevents the growth of microorganisms.

Easy to carry and easy to use: Fast to operate, compact, easy to make, easy to transport on the go, enjoy optimal, healthy water at any time.

Genuine Patented Hydrogen Technology: Hydrogen pocket bottle contains hydrogen technology where water molecules are decomposed and the number of hydrogen molecules is constantly increasing. The higher the mineral content in the water, the stronger the electrolytic effect and the higher the hydrogen content, which makes the water more easily absorbed by your entire body.

Materials: Food-grade BPA-free ABS plastic. Ionization and hydrogen cell is titanium and platinum.

Water tank volume: 300 ml

Device weight: 500 g

Battery capacity: 4000 mA, enough to charge one normal smartphone once and still have battery capacity for drinks. If you use the full battery capacity for beverages, you can use the Hydrogen Pocket bottle 100 times with the 3-minute ionization program and 50 times with the 6-minute program.

Dimensions: 10 x 4.5 x 16 cm

The hydrogen concentration of the finished water: 800-1200 ppb

Charging time: 4h – 8h (depending on mains voltage and current)

Electrolytic material: Patented ion film

Importer & Service & Spare Parts: Perfect Wealth Living –

Warranty: The electrode is warranted for 12 months, the remainder for 6 months.

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