Magnesium oil 32%, 500 ml

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Magnesium oil 32%, 500 ml


Magnesium Oil is a concentrated and almost saturated solution of magnesium chloride in aqueous (or water). It is referred to as “magnesium oil” because of its smooth and oily texture when rubbed and massaged into the skin. Usually, magnesium chloride is extracted from seawater, either directly through evaporation, or from the Dead Sea, or from ancient underground reservoirs.

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Ingredients, food grade Water from Himalaya, magnesium 32%, sodium sulfate (SO42-) 0,0046%, Sodium (Na+) 0,11%, Potassium (K+) 0,10%, Calsium (Ca2+) 0,002%, Ammonium (NH4+) 0,0022% and Zink (Zn2+) 0,0002%, Efficacy: Magnesium is a crucial macro mineral that is responsible for a myriad of functions in the body. Magnesium regulates more than 325 enzymatic processes in our body. Some of the most important processes include producing, transporting, storing and utilizing energy. With 90% of our population deficient in this mineral, it is more important than ever to investigate the role of magnesium in our cellular health and wellbeing. Magnesium oil is well absorbed through the skin. This is a practice regularly used in treatment to relax tense muscles, and improve back problems and arthritic joints. For oral intake, it should be well diluted prior to consumption. But for transdermal application, concentrated magnesium oil may be used as packs and rubs. One teaspoonful or 100mg Happy pH magnesium oil contains approximately 8.16 mg of magnesium. It has a rather bitter-salty taste and a mildly laxative effect. Advantages: For 200 million years Happy pH magnesium salt has been protected at the level of 2700 meters, deep in the interior of the earth, kept pure and untouched. Easily assimilated by the largest and most efficient argan we possess- our skin. Directions for use: Foot soak – done 6 days a week for 3-4 weeks will significantly raise the Magnesium levels in the cells Bath soaking – done 6 days a week for 3-4 weeks will raise the Magnesium levels in the cells Topical – done 6 days a week for 3-4 weeks will raise the Magnesium levels in the cells Spray your entire body (remove contact lenses before spraying face). Apply before or after bathing! Let air dry for best results.

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