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Ordering Payment methods

Payment via Payline, Prepay by bank transfer on Klarnan Invoice service

By Klarnan Installment (for purchases over 100 €) Shipping methods

Delivery cost Sales area Delivery time

Product Delivery Sales and Preorder Product Returns

Defective Product Returns Shipments Delayed Delivery Warranty and Service of Equipment after Warranty

Course blood analysis and the event cancellation policy

For all matters related to orders or events, you will reach us as follows: Ordering

The products to be ordered are selected on the homepage by adding them to the shopping cart. The order will be sent by paying for the contents of the shopping cart in the online store checkout function. By placing an order you agree to these terms of delivery, product prices and shipping costs. If an email address is provided at the time of order, an order confirmation will be sent by email. The order confirmation shows the products ordered and the price.

Payment options

We accept Nordea, Sampo, Osuuspankki, Spanki, and Savings Bank online payments from Finnish online banks and Luottokunta credit card payments (Visa / Mastercard) via Klarna. In addition, Check-Out, PayPal or Klarna or prepay are also available as payment methods. Once the products have been paid for via online banking or credit card, we will begin the process of preparing your order for delivery.

Also, international payment is possible by IBAN payment, which instruction you will get on the payment page and by email after your order. 

Prepay by wire transfer

We accept prepayment of products by wire transfer before shipping or picking up the products. As soon as the order is placed, the subscriber will receive an order confirmation at the email address provided with the order. The order confirmation contains the following information: the products ordered, the payee, the invoice amount, the account number and the reference number.

After the order has been received, the order will normally be shipped within approximately two (2) business days. In the case of delivery sales or pre-order for a new product, the prepayment must be made as soon as possible because the pre-order price of the product is only valid when the product is prepaid.

Klarna Invoice service

We will send you a Klarna invoice with the order, which is due 14 days after the order is shipped. An invoice fee of € 3.90 will be charged on the purchase. Once the customer has approved the information at the time of order, you agree that we will review your credit information. Delivery will only be made to the address specified in the borrower’s (customer’s) population register. For an outstanding invoice, Klarna will send a note, which will be subject to a fee.

Terms of Service on Klarnan Invoice

  1. Customer must be over 18 years of age
  2. You must not have any credit information
  3. The Customer may not have any unpaid debts to the Creditor
  4. The delivery address must be the same as the customer address listed in the population register

The service for the online store is provided by Kreditor Europe AB. For more information on invoicing and billing, visit www.laskulla.fi

With Klarnan Installment (for purchases over 100 €)

Through Klarna, we offer several installment options for you to choose from. Of course, you can pay off the remaining debt at any time and in one installment. You can do more shopping at the same time. Klarna invoices your purchases monthly. Purchasing in installments is simple and flexible.

You apply for a installment payment at checkout when you make your purchase. At the checkout, you choose the installment payment option and the desired installment time. The month of purchase is free. The debt, including the start-up fee, is then divided into equal monthly installments.

It is a good idea to check the current interest rate and other charges on the Klarna website at https://klarna.com.

Klarna (Kreditor Europe AB) will send you an account agreement at home. Verify that the information is correct and return the signed agreement in the reply envelope. For more information on general account terms, please visit http://kreditor.se/_en/_payment/payment_account_payments.pdf. Every application is subject to a credit check, you agree to Kreditor Europe AB reviewing your credit information.

For example, for a 12-month installment of EUR 1,000, the effective annual interest is 16.97%. (December 2014) The webshop service is provided by Kreditor Europe AB.

Questions or questions about Klarna?

You can call Kreditor Europe AB on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm

+358 9 425 997 70 or contact

Delivery methods

We use GLS, DHL, Matkahuolto, Post Nord Logistics (MyPackservice, or DPDove for door-to-door service) or Finland Post to deliver shipments. Products will ship within the next few business days. Upon receipt of the shipment, the customer will receive an arrival notification at home address or by email with the tracking code. The products can then be picked up immediately from the nearest pick-up point.

We strive to send the order tracking code or order shipping information as soon as possible, especially if the package contains perishable products or if the customer has chosen door-to-door delivery.

It is also possible to pick up the products from our collection warehouse, but it is advisable to agree more on the time of collection by phone or email. We will send you a phone number and further instructions for picking up your order when it is accepted.

Shipping costs

We pay for shipping and delivery costs of orders over $ 120, but there is no postage. For orders below $ 120, we will add shipping costs based on weight and shipping method selected.

Sales area

E-commerce products are delivered to different parts of the world, especially to Finland and Europe, as well as to Norway and Switzerland.

Delivery time

Orders with immediate availability will be shipped to the customer using the selected shipping method on the order date or within the next few business days.

We will endeavor to remove out of stock items from our online store, but if any of your ordered items are out of stock we will notify you as soon as possible and the estimated delivery time. We will ship the entire order immediately upon receipt of the missing product. We strive to deliver complete orders. If a product is out of stock for an extended period of time and we are unable to obtain it within a reasonable time, the order may be delivered in parts at no additional cost to the customer.

Product Delivery Sales and Preorder

In the case of delivery sales or pre-order for a new product, the prepayment must be made as soon as possible because the pre-order price of the product is only valid when the product is prepaid.

The ordered product will be shipped to the nearest collection point or can be picked up from our warehouse when the product has arrived. The product and any transportation must be paid in advance. If you pre-order a product through us at a pre-paid price, we will not refund you, but we may exchange the amount paid for another product or service. We strive to make pre-ordered products far less expensive than those normally purchased directly from the shelf.

Product return

All products in our webshop have a 14-day return policy. Returns are possible if the product is unopened, resold, and defective, including packaging. Used or discarded products are non-refundable. Order products also have no return policy. We will notify you by-product if the product is an order or a takedown.

The purchase price less than the cost (shipping and possible financial charges) will be refunded within approximately 14 days of the seller’s receipt and acceptance of the product is refundable.

Always remember to contact us by email or call 045 20 20 280 before returning or canceling your order. Failure to pick up your order is not an order cancellation. Failure to collect will result in additional shipping charges that will be billed to the subscriber.

Unless the product is defective, the right of return does not apply to business customers.

Return of the defective product

All returns must always be agreed in advance with healthylife.fi. The advertising period for picking up the product from the Post or pick-up point is 14 days. You can reach us best by e-mail at or by phone on 04520 20 280. The defective product will only be replaced with the same new item. Unless otherwise agreed in advance, Healthylife.fi will not reimburse shipping or return shipping costs or costs to the finance company. The return must first be agreed with Perfect Wealth Living Oü. Healthylife.fi does not redeem refunds sent by cash advance.

We recommend that you take pictures of the packaging and any defective products and send them to .

Shipments were broken during delivery

Unfortunately, no Carrier always, despite careful packing, manages to deliver packages intact. For this reason, it is a good idea to check the condition of the packet and any damage to the packet when picking up or receiving it.

If the item is damaged in the mail delivery, report IMMEDIATELY to your post office, pick up point or carrier. Also, contact us () and we will arrange the delivery of your new product.

We recommend taking pictures of the packaging and broken products and sending them to .

Equipment warranty and after-sales service

The Warranty Period for each device or instrument is specified as from the date of purchase or delivery. For warranty or service issues, please contact us at or call 045 20 20 280. Any postage or shipping from our customer to our warehouse is not covered by the warranty.

A serviced device will be returned for pick up from nearby mail. For warranty and after-sales service, we recommend taking pictures of the product and the item in need of service so that we can assist you over the phone or send you the right replacement part. Pictures can be sent to .

1. Courses, blood tests, and the event cancellation policy

The following cancellation policy must be considered when registering for paid events organized by healthylife.fi:

pH Dinner Enrollment is required as the maximum number of seats is limited to 15 participants. Another person may be replaced, but we will charge € 30 for irrevocable participation. Cancellation or change must be done 24 hours prior to the event.

When paying the invoice after the event, the price of the pH dinner is 35 eur / person.

Normally the price for a pH dinner is € 25 / person when ordered online or paid in cash at € 20.


2. Analysis of live and / or dry blood event cancellation policy

Cancellation or change must be made one (1) day (24 hours) before the event.

Registration is a must because each place is personal. There may also be a replacement, but we will charge you the full price for your irrevocable participation upon reservation. NB! When paying the invoice after the transaction, the price of the blood test will be increased by 10 eur / person. Prepayments via cash on our website or on the spot are subject to reservation.


3. pH Balance Course and Healthylife.fi paid classes cancellation policy

Cancellation or change must be made two (2) days (48 h) prior to the event.

Registration is a must because each place is personal. There may also be a replacement, but we will charge you the full price for your irrevocable participation upon reservation. Cancellation or change must be made two days (48 hours) before the start of the course.

pH Balance Course Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the course, you will receive a course fee less than the cost of the arrangement at $ 99. Course materials must be returned to Healthylife.fi before payment of the refund amount.


4. pH balance lecture, free events cancellation policy

If you wish to ensure the availability of free materials and the availability of free tastings, the final time to register for a free pH Balance Lecture is twenty-four (24 hours) prior to the event. The cancellation or change must be made twelve (12 hours) before the event begins.

Registration is a must because each place is personal. Someone else may also be replaced. Please note that an irreversible location may prevent another participant from gaining access to the free event.

It is always advisable to register for free events so that we know how to organize the lecture room properly, and pre-registrants always have priority on seating and catering. Pre-registrants will also receive distributed materials first, and others if there is excess left.


To reach us with any order or event-related issues:



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